How Jesse jagz left chocoolate city. via [@TRENDS_NG]

First, we weren’t exactly sure if the rapper, MI Abaga
was in Chocolate City or with his own Loopy Music,
or somewhere in between.

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rapper returns with worldwide premiere]
Whatever it was, Jesse Jagz couldn’t take it
anymore. Last week, he quit.

Not surprisingly, due to the nature of his quitting – via
a like-a-thief-in-the-night Facebook message – it was
apparent there was a conflict. An investigation by
entertainment newspaper NET seems to confirm that
– it’s a messy tale of debt, failure, insubordination,
hard drugs, and more than a few F words.
According to the paper, “This comes as a sudden
shock to everyone including some staff and
executives at Chocolate City but those in the know
will tell you this was long expected.”

Jagz, one source told NET, ‘was fed up with the way
the label was handling his career and decided to
frustrate them in return.’
Jagz last release was his debut album in May 2010,
after then he sort of went into comatose, save for his
production of Ice Prince and BrymO’s albums in
2011 and 2012 and a few minor releases, we might
not have noticed his presence.

‘Chocolate City have a one-year/one-artiste project
run’, a staff at Chocolate City tells NET.
(2008-2009 was M.I, then ’09-’10 was Jesse, ’10-’11
was M.I again, ’11-’12 was Ice Prince, ’12-’13 was for
Brymo, this year’s run ’13-’14 was meant to be for
Jesse Jagz).

‘But Chocolate City signed three new acts – Pryse,
Nosa and Victoria Kimani and started concentrating
on the last two when they noticed Jesse had started
giving them trouble’, our source adds.
‘Jesse would refuse to go to the label’s studio at
Lekki Phase 1, he and the other choc boys M.I and
Ice Prince had built separate studios in their
Palmgroove, Lagos residence. Jesse just kept
making music, a lot of music, over 100 songs’.

Then there was the debt:
‘Choc City said Jargo owed them money, there were
several cases where he would travel to the North for
a gig and wouldn’t bring back anything to the label.
At times, he would claim they paid him just to appear
and that didn’t hold under his contractual agreement’.

Then there were the drugs:
The second was his alleged substance abuse. There
are very strong claims that Jesse Jagz, a truly
talented rapper and producer, is addicted to
‘Everybody smokes ‘igbo’ but Jesse’s own was too
much! He would be reeking of Igbo smell when he
came up to the studio to hang out. Don’t you see his
Instagram photos, don’t you read his revolutionary
tweets? He thinks he’s Fela or Bob Marley for
Christ’s sake!‘

There was the fed up back staff.
Sources say Sola Oladebo, Jesse’s manager for the
last three years, is tired of the whole situation.
‘Sola is tired, fed up but can’t leave him now, he has
invested too much time in Jargo. At a time, there was
nothing to do as Jesse career was dormant, so when
Choc City fired Ice Prince’s former manager in 2012,
they made Sola the interim manager’.

And then, there was the ‘F**k you’:
An insider told us over the weekend, that the last
straw that broke the camel’s back was when Audu
Maikori, top exec at the label summoned him via E-
mail, he simply replied with two words ‘F**k You’.
Apparently, even his elder brother MI had no idea
this was going to happen. “M.I was as shocked as
everyone else,” NET reports a friend of MI as saying.
“He’s not happy Jesse didn’t tell him of the situation
first. He has erased all thoughts of leaving Choc City
now as a sign to show loyalty.”

Oh, and there’s more bad news:
Will other acts follow suit? An insider tells us ‘Watch
out for Brymo, he might also throw in the towel soon.
He had issues with Vice Presido M.I in 2012, he also
has grown wings, you can never tell’.
We’re definitely staying on this story

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