[FAKE NEWS] Emeka Ike To Star As Jesus Christ: Pope Reacts Angrily. via [@trends_ng]

The Pope has reacted vehemently to reports that
Emeka Ike is going to star as Jesus Christ in his local
Church’s Good Friday play later today.

He said in a statement “I hear about the man a lot. Is
there no one else to play Our Lord? Must it be Mr.
Emeka? I hear a lot of how much talent he has, or
doesn’t have”
The Archdiocese of Lagos has waded into the
matter, asking the church to choose someone else to
play Jesus.

Emeka Ike has reacted angrily to the statement from
the Vatican: “What’s all this? I’ve been preparing for
the role all year, I fixed Brazilian hair, I left my beard,
you can’t do this to me mehn”
The Vatican has suggested Tony Umez play it
instead as he’s “Yellow, and a ‘handsome’ man”

culled from fake9JAnews

posted by @trends_ng. follow on twitter and instagram.


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