Waje[@Wajemusik] speaks on ‘Nude picture’. via [@trends_ng]

Following the controversy surrounding the release
of her ‘half-nude picture’ online, Waje has
explained that the said picture was not only an
abstract, but also, part of her new video concept.
She offered this explanation when Showtime
contacted her on her new video.
According to her, the picture is a scene in her new
single titled I Wish, released during the week.

“After being on set of the movie, Tunnel, I realized
that our music videos are like movies painting the
right picture and acting it. I Wish video is a lifeless
theme and the song is a vulnerable song, and I
tried to interprete it in that abstract nude picture with
the broken mirrors. It’s me trying to interprete a
woman’s vulnerability, xx ” she said.

Waje’s publicist, Ifeoma however refuted the
rumour making the rounds that the singer went
nude in the video, adding “It was all graphics.”
According to her, Waje was putting on clothes in
the video as shot by Clarence Peters. “Waje didn’t
go nude in that video. She was putting on her
clothes with some jewelries. The trick was all
Clarence Peters’ work who made her look as if she
was naked. You would notice that the picture was
dark and blur with just her face being the most
visible,” she said.

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