I Killed 11 Babies For Money Rituals-20 Year Old Ex-Cultist Confesses

Nwanu told the reporter that at the
peak of his foray into voodooism, he,
alongside a traditional priest,
slaughtered 11 young virgins for
money rituals at a village in Ebonyi
State. According to him, right from his
childhood, he had made up his mind to
serve the devil in order to become
He took the decision, he noted, as a
15-year-old young lad in his village in
Ebonyi State. Agu’s reason for insisting
on serving the devil was that his
father, who served God all his life was
also poor all his life. Said he:
“When I was growing up, I never
wanted to be as poor as my father. I
had wanted to become not just rich
but very wealthy. I reasoned that I had
to serve the devil in order to become
very wealthy. I believed that my father
was afflicted by abject poverty
because he had faithfully served God. I
had believed that by serving Satan, I
would be very rich, build mansions and
ride big cars, as I have learnt that
many wealthy persons got their
money by serving the devil. So, I was
determined to do money rituals too so
as to hit it big.
“At 15, I began to practise paganism, I
would go into the bush in the village,
clear a spot, gather some stones and
put some leaves on them. I would then
pour oil on the stones and then kneel
down to worship the objects.
I also was desirous to know the devil. I
was very curious about him. I was
asking everyone around about
powerful native men, who could link
me to the devil. I wanted to meet with
him, tell him that I wanted to be very
rich at all cost.”
Indeed, a few years later, Nwanu came
by powerful native doctors, who
introduced him into various ways of
doing money rituals. “I began to meet
with different native doctors, who were
asking for some items as requirements
for money rituals.
The items included dogs, fowls, hairs
and parts of human beings as well as
some other things needed for the
rituals. These items were mixed
together and eventually, I started
making money. That was how I was
able to sponsor myself in secondary
school as well as feed and clothe
myself. In spite of all these, I wasn’t
yet satisfied, as I was still living with
my uncle. “I was thirsty for good
I once got introduced to a powerful
native doctor, who assured that he
could help me to become very wealthy
on certain conditions. He said I had to
get married and begin to make babies,
as my wife and children would be
useful in sustaining the money rituals.
The man also told me that I was also
too young then because I was barely
20 years old.
He advised me to do the rituals when I
turned 25. I didn’t like the conditions
he gave, so, I decided to seek for help
elsewhere and I got it. “In January this
year, I was introduced to another
powerful native doctor in Ebonyi State.
I had to travel all the way from Lagos
to Ebonyi to meet with the man.
I disguised as a middle-aged man to
forestall a possibility of the man,
dismissing me as too young. The
native doctor turned out to be a priest
to a deity believed to be the god of
money. “At the priest’s place, I was
asked to speak with an invisible deity,
who spoke to me in a guttural voice.
He demanded the heads of seven
female virgins, babies preferably.
Though I was stunned at its demand, I
was ready to do whatever needed to
be done. I indicated my readiness but
said I didn’t have the means of getting
the babies since I was not used to the
The priest offered to help and took me
to some motherless babies’ homes
and hospitals in the state. “At first, the
owners of the homes and hospitals
asked for N400, 000 for each baby but
we haggled and beat the price to N70,
000 for each.
We eventually got seven babies even
though we didn’t make all the
payment. The priest made
arrangement with the authorities of
the motherless babies’ home to
secretly bring the babies to his shrine
in order to prevent a possible
encounter with the police.
‘‘Once the priest got the items, he
asked me to go into a room where he
had lodged me. So, the next day, he
invited me to his shrine and there I
saw blood and human remains
splattered all over the premises of his
shrine and I concluded that he must
have used those babies for the rituals.
“The priest then handed some charms
to me and instructed me to return to
Lagos. He said I should observe a dry
fast for seven days and nights.
He also instructed me strongly against
having anything to do with women. He
specifically said I should not allow a
woman touch me or talk to me.
This, to him, would preserve the
potency of the juju. “I was
overwhelmed with great joy and made
a strong decision to obey the priest’s
instruction to the letter. But before I
boarded the bus en route to Lagos
from the Ebonyi motor park, an
unknown woman called out to me and
followed me in spite of my blunt
refusal to give her audience. The lady
succeeded in touching me before I got
rid of her.
“Instantly, the charm I was given got
broken. I ran back to the priest and
was dumfounded with what he said.
He said the lady that accosted me had
ruined the charm because she was in
her menstrual period when she
touched me.
I would have been punished severely
for spoiling the charm but the deity
had a soft spot for me and gave me a
second and last chance. I was to do
another charm with another seven
virgins, four males and three females.
My failure to get the additional seven
virgins in three days, he said, would
result in my death. “By that time, I
had spent almost all I had on me. I had
only N43, 000 left. I had paid N400,
000 as part payment for the earlier
So, I pleaded with the priest to assist
me and he contacted some kidnappers
in the state. He invited them to have a
chat with me and the kidnappers said I
was fortunate to approach them at
that time because they had four
virgins whom they had fetched for a
client that didn’t need them any more,
as another set of kidnappers he also
contacted had gotten the virgins for
him. So, the priest and I pleaded with
the kidnappers to give me the four
virgins on credit. I gave them N40,000.
We promised to pay the outstanding
money after the second ritual.
“Actually, the money was ready and
stacked in many polythene bags and
they were shown to me. But the deity
had warned that I shouldn’t touch the
money since the charm was already
spoilt. The other seven virgins were to
be used to placate the spirit behind the
money so that anyone, who touched it
would not be severely punished.
“Considering my situation, the priest
pleaded with the deity to accept the
four virgins that we eventually got
from the kidnappers and the ritual of
appeasement was done. After that, I
was asked to come back to Lagos and
wait for seven months.
I was instructed to struggle to survive
by doing odd jobs within those seven
months so that I would have gathered
enough experience that would enable
me spend the money prudently. “As
the ritual of appeasement on the
money was done, a paper on which
my name was written fell from the
There was a message, congratulating
and welcoming me to the club of
billionaires. On that note, I returned to
As the earlier instructions about
abstaining from women were passed
to me, I did my best to abstain from
women for the seven days of the dry
fasting. I ensured this by locking
myself up in the house and coming out
only in the midnight to get fresh air.
“But shortly after the fasting, I had an
encounter with a member of The
Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival
The man preached to me and we
became friends. I agreed to go to
church with him one day and after the
church service, the presiding pastor,
Brother Anapeto Peter, ministered to
me and prayed with me. It was there
that I received Christ and renounced
my evil ways.
“Since then, I’ve been having an
inexplicable peace of mind. I have
asked God to forgive me for my past
atrocities. I will never go back for the
money, as I have given up everything
for God to rule my life. I have realised
that I was just being deceived by the
satanic priest and his deity.”

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