Computer Village generates $2bn annually to economy

The Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos,
generates about two billion dollars (N300 billion) to the economy annually, Mrs Omobola Johnson, Minister of Information and Communications Technology, has said.

Johnson disclosed this at the Monthly Breakfast
Meeting of the Nigerian-South Africa Chamber of Commerce on Thursday in Lagos.

According to the minister, the revenues come
mostly from the cloning of phones and the
exploration all sorts of software applications.
“I think I am the first ICT minister that has taken time to visit the place and we have seen that the operators have great skills.

“The place consists of wonderful sets of youths
who are generating employment for themselves,
while inventing new ICT skills.

“We have encouraged the operators to come out
with local brands to support the growth of the
economy,” the minister said.

Johnson said that the ministry was working
closely with the executives of the market
association to ensure that the operators’ skills
were harnessed to generate more revenues.
She said that the ministry had plans to ensure
that 60 per cent of rural dwellers had access to
personal computers and the Internet by 2015.

“We plan to empower the youths at the
Computer Village to fulfill these targets and to
create more jobs,” the minister said.

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