Gov Orji supports amnesty for Boko Haram

Governor Theodore Orji of Abia
State has urged the leadership of Islamic sect,
Boko Haram, to identify themselves, come out
to discuss with the Federal Government for the
amnesty initiative to be successful.

According to the governor, if the amnesty
initiative is successful, it will go a long way to
help the nation move forward.
Governor Orji, who expressed the views when
he received members of the House of
Representative Committee on Public Petitions,
lamented the negative impact the crisis had had on the nation’s economy.

The lawmakers were in the state to hear the
petition of 5000 repentant Abia State youths
protesting their non-inclusion in the federal
government’s amnesty programme.
Orji said: “We are also praying that the
amnesty initiatives of the Federal Government
to Boko Haram will be successful. Let them
[Boko Haram] come out and talk. It will go a
long way to helping Nigeria move forward.”
He noted that though Abia was now peaceful
there was a time it had the problem of
kidnapping which affected the economic and
social activities in the state.

His words: “That time, Abia became the den of
kidnappers. Aba became a ghost city. Every
body ran away. I visited Abanta’s place [a
member of the committee], there was nobody,
they had all fled, I saw only his posters. That
was the situation and we fought it. We fought
them doggedly.

“We tried amnesty here. They came here and I
saw them. They told us their grievances, and we
acceded to their complaints and proposed
amnesty to them. They accepted and we built
“They brought their arms. They were in camps
and we were planning to settle them. But when
they heard that the Federal Government had
provided largesse to their colleagues, they
abandoned the camps.

“We took their names to the Federal
Government but no response. Though they left
camp, they promised that they will not make
any trouble because we treated them like
human beings.
“They maintained it till their kinpin, Osisikankwu,
was killed. Please, tell the Federal Government
to start where we stopped.”

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