What you must know about trips to Malaysia

Nigerians who are intending to migrate to
Malaysia for various reasons and those resident
in Malaysia should become acquainted with the
local rules and regulations that are bidding in
Malaysia, in order not to fall into any kind of

Nigeria’s laws and customs are quite different
from Malaysia, and this makes it important that
prior to migration, you have developed the
mindset that is expected to make you freely
interrelate with Malaysia’s laws and customs, as well as connecting with the Nigeria embassy in Kuala Lumpur about your trip for a better
consular protection and updates concerning
important safety and security information in
cases of emergencies.


It is important for you to understand a bit of Malaysia description as a multi-ethnic
country, having Islam as her official religion, and is being practiced by over 60 percent of the
country’s population. Malaysia is the official
language of the country, and although English
Language is spoken widely, migrants could still
avail themselves with the opportunity of having
access to their official language (Malaysia) for
easier inter-relations.

Entry permit:

You have to possess a passport
that is valid for at least six months and upon
entry, Malaysia immigration officials is
mandated to place an entry stamp in your
passport to specify your validity period of stay.
Migrants generally are given a period of ninety
days validity period of stay by Malaysia
immigration officials, but since this is not a
guarantee, you should endeavor to check the
stamp in your passport quickly after you enter,
to be certain of the expiration of your entry
permit. Travellers to Malaysia are electronically
fingerprinted on arrival, and again on departure.

While in Malaysia, you should carry your
passport which contains the Malaysian entry
stamp and associated sticker with you at all

Eastern Malaysia:

To be able to travel into the eastern Malaysian states will require that you declare your passport to immigration authorities because these parts of Malaysia have their own immigration authorities who will determine if you can enter and for how long. It is very important for you to be mindful of the period of stay that is allotted to you in order not to exceed it.

Over staying your visa validity:

You would be detained by Malaysian immigration authorities if you overstay your permit. The Malaysia
immigration authorities routinely detain
foreigners who overstay their social visit visas
and once you are detected, a fine or detention
and legal proceedings may be imposed upon

In view of the foregoing herein, you should
check your visa status periodically, and follow
immigration laws and regulations strictly to
avoid any unnecessary form of detention in
connection with overstay of visa by the Malaysia immigration officials. Detentions may last from a few hours to several weeks, or more,
depending upon the nature of the violation,
pending a formal hearing.

Safety and security threats:

It is imperative in this case, that you register your presence and itinerary in Malaysia with the Nigeria embassy as soon as you enter Malaysia. This will enable you receive updated safety and security information that will guide you through your stay in Malaysia and also be notified in cases of any possible attacks from any extremists groups.

The Nigeria embassy also is mandated to draw
your attention to the risks surrounding travels to the eastern islands and coastal regions of the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Of particular concern are resorts (and transportation to and from them) in isolated areas. If you visit these areas you should exercise caution, remain alert to your surroundings, and use good personal
security measures.

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