30 killed in auto accident in Awka

No fewer than 30 persons killed yesterday in the heart of Awka, Anambra State when a tanker carrying palm kernel oil lost its brakes and rammed into Bus Park on the foot of the
pedestrian cross at the popular UNIZIK junction
in the town.

Several people who sustained various degrees of injuries were rushed to various hospitals in the Anambra State capital for treatment.
The tanker, which was coming from the Enugu
end of the Enugu –Onitsha expressway, lost
control as it was descending the UNIZIK slope
and hit a bus loaded with passengers and then
dragged the same bus into the very busy motor
park where it damaged about seven other buses.

Among those who either lost their lives or
sustained injuries were drivers, motor park
operators and recharge card sellers.
The tanker, which somersaulted severally as it
was hitting other vehicles, had its body cut into
pieces and its contents spilled along the road
and in the motor park.

The impact of the summersault of the tanker
adversely affected the beams of the pedestrian
bridge, thus making part of the bridge to lose its alignment.

The accident, which happened at the time
offices had closed for the day, caused an
excruciating traffic jam on the road as many
people stopped at the scene.

Men of the Federal Road Safety Commission,
FRSC, the Nigerian Army, the Police and other
good spirited people volunteered their vehicles
for conveying the wounded persons to the

A similar accident on the same spot last year
claimed five lives, but the difference was that
the one of last year did not get to the motor

Sympathizers at the scene of the accident
yesterday said there is need to relocate the
various motor parks which have their loading
bays beside the expressway to avoid such
accidents in future.


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