Enterprise Bank gets ultimatum over sack

National Union of Banks, Insurance and
Financial Institutions Employees, NUBIFIE, has
issued a seven-day ultimatum to Enterprise
Bank Plc to implement an agreement reached
with organised labour under the auspices of the
Ministry of Labour and Productivity, on March
22, in Abuja, or face the wrath of labour.
The union is demanding a reversal of the
termination of 18 of members (sales associate)
and upholding the agreement signed in Abuja, as
it affects the 60 dispatch riders, the exited and
existing workers of FSFS.
The three nationalised banks, Mainstreet
(Afribank), Enterprise (Spring Bank) and
Keystone (BankPHB) signed the agreement and
were given one month to implement.
While Mainstreet Bank and Keystone Bank were
said to have implemented the agreement,
Enterprise Bank was said to have not.
A letter to the Managing Director of Enterprise
Bank Plc, dated May 2, by Philip Aboderin,
Senior Assistant General Secretary, NUBIFIE,
said: “In furtherance to the agreement signed in
Abuja, which affected the three nationalised
banks, we regret to inform you that if your
management fail to address the issues with the
in-house union within seven days of this letter,
the union should not be held responsible for any
industrial action against your organisation.”


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